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Our Story

Shantj-Om was created in Italy from a mother and her daughter sensible for Ethics and Sustainability, together they create Yoga, Meditation and free time apparel.

Organic cotton field


From our farms, to our manufacturing and packaging.

Lately an issue has been involving us all: Mother Earth is giving us signals that this cannot continue for long, not so much for her good, because she changes and goes on anyway, but as regards us as a human species. It is essential that we change. Now, we have the opportunity. This is why “Sustainability” guides our choice in fabrics, production and daily decisions.

Our Factories

We respect people as much as we respect the planet. 

Even today, all over the world, people of any age, sex, religion are exploited to make a cheap product that can feed the masses and enrich people greedy for power and money, and in our daily life we ​​do not even realize it, we do not think about it or we do the same, because it doesn't seem to concern us, we turn our gaze away to pretend nothing has happened.

To Shantj-Om’s Team is very important to weave relationships based on a human interaction, fair pay and giving value to the moments, to people and their passions.

Woman cutting fabric
Linen loom

Our Fabrics

Crafted from recycled and sustainably grown fibers.

Our team is well-informed on the natural materials that we use, their origins and their properties; It is important to use natural raw materials because they have beneficial properties for our body, they protect the skin, they allow it to breathe, and regenerate the surrounding energy.

Our Community

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